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Imagine increasing the efficiency

of your practice’s workflow while enhancing your cash-flow visibility at the same time. Introducing Quest’s web based claim filing solution that has revolutionized the way insurance claims are paid. Finally you can confidently know the exact financial condition of your practice.

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Quest National Services’ EMR/EHR

(Electronic Medical Record/Electronic Health Record) solution is a high function, low cost EMR/EHR software solution that impresses in an easy to implement process. With our technology partners, we have developed an efficiency-smart staged implementation process to help practices nationwide enjoy higher productivity through electronic documentation, ePrescribe, charting, and dictation in a CHIT certified solution.

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To provide superior solutions to healthcare providers

Quest National Services was founded in 2007 and has grown on one simple principle: To provide superior solutions to healthcare providers that help enhance cash-flow while increasing productivity.

In 2010 we were proud to announce our expansion to reach healthcare providers in the northeast and other regions across the United States. Today, Quest National Services helps healthcare providers nationwide get medical reimbursements faster with less rejections, significantly improving the revenue cycle, and providing cutting edge healthcare solutions.

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Talk with a Medical Billing Professional

Call us at 888-783-7818 for a complimentary consultation. Learn how Quest National Services is revolutionizing the way your practice gets paid.

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