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Quest’s specialty Ob/Gyn medical billing services are increasing revenue & decreasing clearinghouse rejections for our clients. On average our clients are reporting an:

  • Increase First-Pass Claim Resolutions Rates to 90% & Above: Quest’s medical billing solution is reducing data entry errors & clearinghouse rejections below national average. By consistently analyzing and optimizes claims procedures, Quest National Services is ensuring our Ob/Gyn practices are getting paid First Pass rates, and getting paid faster.
  • Increase Net Collection Rates To 95%-99%: Leveraging an efficient submission process, and following up on outstanding amounts from patient and carrier means that Quest National Services is ensuring that rightly due claims do not go uncollected.
  • Increase Reimbursements by 10% – 20%: With an increase in FPA & decrease in overdue and outstanding revenue, OB/GYN physicians are seeing a 10-20% increase in cash flow almost immediately. Reduce your stress by outsourcing to Quest.

For many physician practices, the billing of OB/GYN services can be complex indeed. Whether it is determining the global obstetrical package for a private payor, billing for a urinalysis for a Medicare patient or ensuring that surgical assists for a Medicaid patient getting a hysterectomy are properly reimbursed, this is a specialty that requires a keen medical billing eye and an acute attention to detail. Quest National Services can ensure these needs are met.

The Increasing Role of OB/GYN

More and more, female patients are opting to use their OB/GYN physician as something of primary care physician. This means that in addition to visits for pap smears, pre-natal counseling and IUD insertion, the medical billers for OB/GYN physicians may also see the occasional rapid strep test, wrist splint or depression diagnosis. Knowing how to properly bill a variety of both CPT and ICD codes in order to maximize physician revenue is essential in the selection of a competent OB/GYN medical billing service.

Further, there are many exceptional services within the OB/GYN arena that may require a seriously savvy billing eye. For instance, the pregnant member that transfers to another practitioner in her third trimester after receiving substantial prenatal services. Or, perhaps the patient who has a tubal ligation at the same time as her repeat cesarean section. Capturing all billables while submitting a clean claim the first time around will be the key to a successful OB/GYN medical billing service. Quest National Services has the eye for detail and understands how to properly bill for these special circumstances that are presented to our clients.

Further, the biller should know the particulars of any and all payors that the OB/GYN deals with. In some cases, the global pregnancy package may vary by insurance company or the patient’s benefit package may not cover family planning services. In the cases of a contract with a medical group, some portion of the claim may be the responsibility of the medical group while the balance of the claim may be the financial liability of the HMO itself. Also, we will make certain that all medications, injectibles and devices are properly paid. From Depo Provera shots to IUDs to pessaries, we will reap the full reimbursement for your practice.

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Our Promise

Adept follow up is also endlessly critical when it comes to OB/GYN medical billing services. This attention to detail may mean writing a formal letter of appeal to a payor, getting updated insurance information from the member, or working through the details of a coordination of benefits case. If one letter of appeal does not work, then you deserve a billing service that will feel comfortable working up the chain of command until your claim is paid in a sufficient and reasonable manner.

Peace of Mind

Because of the sensitive nature of many OB/GYN cases, we are also keenly aware of HIPAA regulations and are extremely diligent in keeping all patient information strictly confidential. In most cases, including Medicare and Medicaid, reimbursement will occur within thirty days via electronic submission.

OB/GYN Medical Billing

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